Thursday, July 10, 2014

Guatemala July 5th-11th, 2014

Kathleen Baptist Church, FBC Leesburg, FBC Labelle & Friends

Day 5:
Today started off with a few less people. We’ve had several team members feeling under the weather, so they stayed back at the hotel. Please be in prayer for each of them. This meant that the Canarios would need more help today. So a few team members helped out holding, rocking and loving on the babies in this group.

The children at the center continued to learn about the miracles that Jesus performed. Today they learned about how Jesus fed 5,000 with just five loaves of bread and two fish. The younger kids had their names written on paper fish and then placed over their cribs. While the older kids got to finger paint and make a fish with the shape of their hands. Recreation consisted of the kids fishing in a pool. They were all so proud the minute they caught their first fish!

Additionally, the Squirrels had a special performance for us all today. We all gathered around and waited as the Squirrels came out with their dance outfits on and began to dance away! They twirled and twisted and smiled the entire time. Amazingly ALL the boys sat quietly on the front row and paid attention the entire time.

The projects continued throughout the day. Several of the team members are still working hard at painting all the hallways. After lunch, while the kids are napping, we help clean up the play areas, wash down the toys and tables, and fold clothes. It’s exciting to be here and see all the smiles on the kids’ faces, but bittersweet in knowing that tomorrow will be our last day.

In the afternoon, we had the opportunity to talk with a few more ladies from the center. We spoke with one woman who has worked here for 31 years. WOW!!! She began in 1983 and worked with the babies for most of her time here, but now works with the Squirrels. She lives with her mom and three children. The rest of her family lives far way, so she does not get to talk with them much. Her favorite part about the center is that it’s basically home for her. She’d like for all of us to pray for her mom because she should be having surgery in August; and for her oldest son, who has a business, but it isn’t doing very well right now.

Another woman we spoke with has worked at the center for 15 years. While she is now working in the Dolphins room, but has also worked with the Ducks, Squirrels, and Canaries. She has two girls that are 12 and 7 years old-- and another one on the way! Her favorite moments at the center are when the kids eat all their food and they begin to thrive again. It’s so exciting for her when she sees that a child can move up to the next group. When praying for her, please remember that she has a big year ahead of her with a baby on the way and that hopefully she’ll be graduating from Nursing School soon.

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