Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Guatemala Family Mission Trip July 19-25, 2014


Guatemala fills our hearts again today as we spend day 2 with these wonderful kids.  Our photographer was busy painting the hallway all morning, so we don’t have as many pictures today…mostly the Canaries!

“Only one day with these beautiful kids and they open their arms, hug me and rest their heads on my shoulder.  What a difference I can make just by sharing love and laughter!”

“Today during the potty time for the Chicks, Jose started lifting himself out of his pot and going back down, made a near perfect seal with his bottom allowing a loud, gross sound.  At first I thought he was just doing his business and then I realized he was making his friend Sara laugh!  They looked at me with huge smiles and we all started laughing!”

“Hector is the newest boy in the Dolphins, and he is still incredibly restless.  The only movement he makes other than screaming for his mom is when he is being fed.  Even though it breaks my heart, it reminds me of something spiritual.  Scripture tells us that we groan along with all of creation because we know that something greater is to come.  Hector groans constantly for his home and his mother.  We too share in this groaning as this world, as it is, is not our home.  We patiently await the coming of our Lord and to be home with him for eternity!”

“Today we took the kids out to the pavilion to play soccer.  We all had a great time.  Then we took the kids over to “fish” in the plastic pool.  They used open paper clips at the ends of their poles to hook the fish.  One little girl fell forward into the pool and was quickly rescued.”

“When you look into the eyes of a child, you suddenly forget all of your troubles.  You feel one emotion: LOVE.”

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