Monday, July 21, 2014

Guatemala Family Mission Trip July 19-25, 2014


Our new crew arrived today, and we have already fallen in love with the beautiful kids!  We have a great team this week that come from Florida, North Carolina, Colorado, and Puerto Rico.

“So encouraged by how amazing the babies look.  FBCH has REALLY come a long way, baby!  Jose is my “non-favorite”!

“I like how the older children come and sing to the bunnies + chicks because 1) The older children know great ‘Jesus songs’, and 2) The little children enjoy hearing them sing!”

“Holding each of these beautiful babies make me feel that my life is worthwhile!”

“The twins, Veronica and Miriam, wanted to be held this morning.  They are precious!  They had to leave today and they cried and stretched their arms out to us.  I pray safety and health for them.  I cry now thinking of them and missing them.”

“Looking into these eyes I see the beauty of the Lord’s creation, and very quickly remember that we are all God’s children…not one of us is loved more or less than another.  I then realized that we do these things not because of our love for Christ, but because of his love for us.”

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