Monday, June 23, 2014

Dominican Republic June 23, 2014

What happens when 17 strangers are put to the task of building a home from the ground up in four days and influencing a community with the love of God? GOD MOVES!!!

Day 1:  On the job, language barriers were demolished with smiles, games, side-walk chalk, braiding hair, and a unified game of kickball. As one of our youngest team members noticed, these children played engaged, energetic and cheerful, despite being on opposing teams. Others noticed the ability to communicate and have fun without speaking the same language. It’s amazing that something as simple as side-walk chalk and a smile can bridge a cultural gap.

Our mission team was united with 17 strangers in a country that holds a desperate need of help. Usually, there would be conflicting situations and obstacles that affect the completion of our goal. Rather than this, all 17 of us, along with the local workers, have come together with the common goal of directing people to Jesus and made great progress in building the homes we are accounted for. We were introduced to several parts of building a structure. These parts range from drilling holes and placing rebar, to stacking styrofoam blocks and dropping cement. Surprisingly, we all, at one point, successfully attempted all. We had obvious teamwork and chemistry which is special considering it was our first day. We worked together as a unit with the foundation being communication, and the entire process flowed smoothly and seemed almost effortless.  There was no complaining despite the intense heat and working conditions. We are all looking forward to seeing how our team develops and grows, as each relationship is strengthened between us all.

End of Day 1...stay tuned to see what else God has in store for this mission team...

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