Monday, June 23, 2014


6/23/14 - Weekend adventures!

Our weekend started off with Awana bright and early Saturday morning. To start off, we all meet together in the sanctuary to sing praise songs before breaking into nursery (preschool) and primary age groups. The nursery aged children begin with Bible study while the older children play games outside, and then they switch. It always blows our mind to watch first through fourth graders stand and recite Scripture from throughout the Bible in their small groups.
Please pray that as they continue to memorize Scripture that they would not only understand the verses they memorize, but that they also learn the importance of memorizing scripture and why we do it. Also pray that we would find ways to help the teachers of each age group prepare their lessons in a way that the children can better understand them.

On Sunday we started by teaching Sunday school for the children. This is a great time where the children truly praise God and thank Him for what he has done for them. This week we taught about the importance of prayer; we used the story of Daniel and the lions den. Just like Daniel prayed in the good and bad times, we explained that that is what we need to do as well. We talked about how just like we talk to friends more than simply once a day, we should talk to God through prayer all the time. 
After Sunday school, we all headed off to church for worship. It is a very different experience here from what we are used to; there is a LOT of dancing, and we are LOVING it. They truly worship God with all that they have! 

The scripture that God put on our hearts last week (now we see that it was to prepare us for worship) is in 2 Samuel 6 when David and the people bring home the ark of the covenant. David was "dancing before the Lord with all his might" (v.14). When he returned, Michal scolded him for dancing as he did and he simply replied to her, "It was before the Lord...I will celebrate before the Lord. I will become even more undignified than this" (v.21-22).  Pray that we will become comfortable becoming undignified before the Lord in our worship!

We ended our Sunday with straightening up around the house in preparation for the week. When we began doing the dishes, we noticed our fingers were going numb and our wrists were tingling. Within minutes, we realized that there was electricity somehow flowing to the metal of the sink and metal dishes--therefore, shocking us over and over. We realized the same thing was happening to us in the bathroom when we shower. We found out the next day that a wire was loose in the water heater, sending electricity our way constantly. We now fear showering and doing the dishes--pretty much all water in general.  Don't be concerned, our "loose wire" is being fixed today so hopefully the fear will cease :). It was a very humorous way to end our weekend!!

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