Thursday, April 3, 2014

GUATEMALA March 29- April 05, 2014 Brookstone School

Brookstone School
Columbus, GA

This morning one of our leaders, Mrs. Trotter, left to go to to a wedding. We will miss her so much, especially those of us in the bunny group, for she was a great asset in morning bath time. After we parted ways the remaining group headed to the center. Once there, greeted with smiles and open arms, we all went to our rooms and started working right away. Some of us were bathing the little ones while others were dressing their kids. After they were clothed the children enjoyed a wholesome snack. Preceding snack time all the children from the bunny group and up went outside to play until lunchtime. The weather outside was perfect, as it has been this whole trip. The children played so much that after lunch they went straight to sleep for nap time. Right now we are on lunch break deciding what activities to do for the rest of the day. We have had a life changing trip so far and cannot imagine how it can get any better. Every moment we spent with these children are moments that we will all cherish forever. We cannot wait to see what lies in store during these last remaining days. 

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