Sunday, January 26, 2014

Orphan's Heart Team in NICARAGUA

The Least of These/Overseas has begun our journey!  It started this morning at the West Bradenton Baptist Church parking lot with a circle of prayer, a Beverly Hillbillies-style truck packed a mile high (we made good use of the baggage limit!) and a temporary panic for a turnaround for passports!  Thank you, Sue, for the reminder before we had traveled too far!  

We had a fun arrival at the airport in Tampa just as we checked all our bags, a van rolled up for “The puppet show,” and since we are planning three shows it was very special.  God's timing has been so good!  

We arrived safely at the Camino Real Hotel in Managua  It has already created memories for us, and we haven’t even met all the elderly and children we plan to love on this week!

Travel day is in the books, but we have a lot of organizing to do this evening, and Stan keeps insisting that the food will be something to write about.  We will see.......  More tomorrow.
-Stan, Sue, Linda, Tim, Beth, Cathy, Rick, Susan, Denise, Joy and Howie!

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