Thursday, January 23, 2014

Dominican Republic - Jan 22, 2014

El Carrizal - Day Four
Wow! An amazing day! 

We are getting ready to pour a foundation tomorrow, so everyone pitched in to help get it ready. Stephanie broke out the laser level... 

while the guys cut wood, drove in stakes and put on the forms. 

The plumbing assemblies were done and placed...

...and tomorrow morning we will put the rebar assemblies back in, put down plastic and the remesh, and be ready for the pour in the afternoon. Please pray for this team that we will be able to finish this work!

After putting the tools away, we played with the kids for a while, 

...and Wayne handed out Bibles to five of the older kids. It is so wonderful to see them hungry for the Word!

We had an amazing, unexpected visit today!  We don't see any celebrities here, but who should drop in but Harvey Keitel!  He even swung a hammer a couple of times!

Please consider coming down for a FUN week of work, and maybe we can get more celebrities to visit!

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