Monday, January 27, 2014


Day 2 from the Least of These Overseas team has been very productive!

We visited Eli’s church (our primary interpreter) today and had a wonderful time.  The team did our first puppet show for the kids; they were mesmerized by the puppets!   They performed “The Good Samaritan,” and it was a big hit.

We also participated in games...

...and Joy even took a turn at smashing a piñata!  We then presented the church with all the gifts we had gathered for them (including baseballs, gloves and bats).  

It was very touching when a little girl ran up to Joy and asked her when she would return again.

We then ventured out to Narcy’s Chicken, the best place for chicken in Nicaragua!  

Then the afternoon held wonders as we visited the outdoor market and the active volcano in Masaya.  

We had a very full day and will be meeting later this evening for a planning/praying session for the days ahead.  Stan didn't fib, the food at the hotel is very good and plentiful! 

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