Friday, January 31, 2014


Wow, what a great last day!  The residents at Hogar Senil Bautista were ready for us today!  It was great to see them one last time.  Our interpreter brought his pastor and guitar and we had a wonderful time of devotion with the residents one last time.  Another day of sorrow (having to say goodbye) and laughter (enjoying our time with the residents)


We have so many plans for next time already!

Then it was off for a little more sightseeing of this beautiful country... 

...a few members were brave enough to try the zip line!
Maybe a few more next year!

We will physically leave this country in the morning, but we leave behind pieces of our hearts. These people are just so lovable and generous, God teaches us lessons in everything we do, we are all very grateful for our loving, living Father.  It is for Him that we do what we do!  This will be the last blog (this year) from the 'Least of These Overseas.'


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