Thursday, January 30, 2014


This morning we were greeted with shouts of “hola” when we arrived at Hogar Senil.  They were so excited to see us!  We played games, put together puzzles, rubbed their hands and arms with lotion, brushed their hair and painted their nails.  Just a little pampering was in order today.  

The guys were able to get some plumbing work done; 

and Kathy just had to get the flower beds cleaned out!  All in all, it was a productive morning.  They also have two ‘guard’ dogs that are really just used to raise the alarm by barking if strangers approach.  They have grown accustomed to us, as Lassie lets us get close and pet her puppies, and Capulio puts his rump in the air and shakes his tale jumping from side to side anxiously awaiting his treats.  They still bark at strangers, but we are now family.

This afternoon was a big day at Bethel!  We had our last day with the kids, so we poured our hearts out on them, as they poured their hearts out on us!  The classrooms were all running like clockwork, and then it was time to pass out the meals.  We were able to pass out the backpacks with some school supplies stuffed inside to all of the kids that have been in the program all year.  It was fun to see their faces as they received them.  

It was hard to say goodbye to all the children, we all laughed and cried.  We ran to the fence where they were loading their bus, just to say goodbye one more time, kiss the cheeks, and pass out a few more beads.
It is so true that we come to bring them blessings, but they bless us so much more!

We have one more day with our elderly friends tomorrow, and then we will be coming home.  

 We are all so looking forward to next year already!

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