Tuesday, January 28, 2014


What a wonderful day!  

We were able to meet up with some old friends and make some new ones at the nursing home this morning.  Hogar Senil now has 17 residents!  

It was nice to see them all and make a list of projects to work on while we are here.  We tried out the puppet show again. We are getting better at it, and it was a big hit!

In the afternoon we went to Bethel Baptist Church and worked with the children there.  We had 187 children; it was a little overwhelming and wonderful all at the same time.  We are thankful that God has brought so many to hear about him.  

We did the puppet show there also; the kids loved “The Good Samaritan.”  We then broke up into our small groups (average 35 kids each!) and played games and completed crafts that went along with the message.

Even though our team didn't know each other before coming to Nicaragua, we have become such a solid family!  It is an honor to be here and serve as the hands and feet of Christ!  

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