Saturday, November 16, 2013

Uganda - Why do we go on mission trips?

Why do we go on mission trips?  Well, there are many different reasons people would tell you.  However, hopefully, the reason we go is to make HIS name known.  This trip we did just that.  We shared the Gospel at all home visitations and also daily at church.  

Our team has been overwhelmed with how the Holy Spirit has moved.  There were many times our lesson plans weren't completely planned out, but then the Lord moved and spoke through us.  Afterwards, we couldn't even remember all that we said, because it was God speaking through us.  So, we have been convicted to continue being the LIGHT at home.  We don’t want to return and be cold or lukewarm Christians.  God wants us to be HOT.  He wants us to tell EVERYONE the good news! 

Wednesday and Thursday we had Guardian seminars at the church.  We were told to prepare for 130-160 adults.  However, we had between 180-200 adults each day.  Wednesday we did two sessions on first aid and then basic nutrition.  We had some fun during the sessions... During the first aid training, the guardians practiced the Heimlich Maneuver.  During the nutrition seminar when they were told to use a bottle cap of oil instead of 1 cup to cook with, the guardians looked from one to another and you could tell they weren't too sure about the wisdom of this advice!  

Both sessions were turned back to God.  The reason we need first aid is because sin entered the world and bad things happen.  We need to eat well because our bodies are the temple of God, and again sin is the cause of disease.  Three ladies gave their lives to Christ!  It was such a celebration and humbling experience.

Thursday we did a parenting seminar.  We weren't sure how it would go, but it was awesome!  After touching on what guardians should be responsible for physically and emotionally, we had a panel discussion.  The presenters took questions from the audience, and they were good questions.  The guardians were very interested in the topic.  The Gospel was again presented and two more came to know Christ.  Wow, what an amazing God we serve!

Friday we wrapped up with a home Bible study where the team was given a chicken as a sign of thanks.  How do you show your thankfulness?  It should always be pointed to God.  Without Him we are nothing.

for our team as we are leaving Kamonkoli now, heading to Jinja, then home to FL, AZ, NE, TN.

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