Friday, November 15, 2013

Uganda - "Lord, I Need You!"

Today we started our morning with Matt Maher’s song "Lord I Need You."  The message this song conveyed became our inspiration for the day.  Before we headed out we knew in our hearts that we were going to experience many God and Wow! moments.  We were not disappointed!

We started our morning serving at Genesis Primary School, HUM clinic, and making home visitations. 

At Genesis Primary School we played with homemade play-doh and even had a tea party with all the kids!!!  Later we were able to hang out with the children during PE, read books to the classes, and tell an exciting tale about our airplane ride to Uganda.  The best part was the kids giving us High 5's so hard that they left red marks on the team members' hands!!!

At the same time, two team members headed over to HUM clinic to work with Michael.  After some lab tech talk and comparing the supplies and technology at the clinic to what is available in the States, we were able to do physical therapy with three patients. 

During our precious time making home visits, we were able to minister to some of the wonderful families in the community.  Little girls got new dresses, sparkly shoes, cute boots, flip flops and tennis shoes to protect their sweet little clay covered feet.  Excited little boys got cool new t-shirts.  Most importantly, we were able to share the Gospel at every house and pray with families for their health, crops, school, etc.

In the afternoon, we continued with our theme of thankfulness at our Bible study.  In the men’s study we passed out beef jerky for everyone to try . . . and the LOVED it!!!  Seventeen men joined us for the study and had a great hour long meeting together.  In the women’s study we had 84 ladies join us.  Our focus was on thankfulness for faith, hope, love and Jesus.  We again closed the meeting with the plan of salvation.  We followed up the women’s study with tea and “Ugandan” donuts, fellowship and crafts.  

As the Bible study ended, a major rain storm came through the area.  We were thankful to have to wait as it provided us with extra time for hugs, encouragement and pictures.  This also opened up an opportunity for God to provide us with one of our many Wow! moments of the day.  As we were waiting for the rain to stop, a woman approached three of our team members.  These three women served with Orphan’s Heart in Uganda in 2012.  The woman had dry gangrene in her hands and the three women collected donations in 2012 for her to have surgery.  When the woman realized that these 3 team members were instrumental in providing the surgery she danced with joy, thanking them repeatedly.  She even went and got her daughter and other friends so they could meet the team.  Wow!

We give Him all the glory and praise for what He has done and what He is yet to do on this trip.  Please continue to pray for the team and the people we are encountering.  

Lord, I come, I confess
Bowing here I find my rest
Without You I fall apart
You're the One that guides my heart

 Lord, I need You, oh, I need You
 Every hour I need You
 My one defense, my righteousness
 Oh God, how I need You

 Where sin runs deep Your grace is more
 Where grace is found is where You are
 And where You are, Lord, I am free
 Holiness is Christ in me

 Teach my song to rise to You
 When temptation comes my way
 And when I cannot stand I'll fall on You
 Jesus, You're my hope and stay

 You're my one defense, my righteousness
 Oh God, how I need You
 My one defense, my righteousness
 Oh God, how I need You

Lord I Need You
Matt Maher

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