Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Pray for dirt!!

Monday and Tuesday
It's not all work, but it is still a workout! Maureen and Colleen visited the apartment complex next door to where the team is housed in the city of Azua, and attracted a crowd of kids with some jump ropes; of course, they had to participate!  It was a great opportunity to witness to the kids.

Then it was back to work putting in the sewer and water lines. All we need now is some "registers" to tie the sewer lines together and we're all done!

The DR crew will be doing the concrete "pisos" (floors) after we're gone, so we got them a BIG truck of sand.

On the way back this afternoon we stopped at an ice cream place called "Bon" and Maureen treated the team to a really good treat! It has been very hot this week, so the ice cream was a welcome cool down for everyone.

Everything here gets dirty quickly,  but Ariel's truck is always SUPER dirty, so he got some friendly kidding from the team.

We have made a lot of progress so far this week. In addition to the water and sewer re-work, Steve finished the boxes and conduit in House 7, and then made way for the DR crew to move in and put the roof on. Tomorrow he will start pulling the wire.  Some of the team tried their hand at stucco-ing ...to the great amusement of the DR crew! We also have a team here doing a lot of videos, which they will make into presentations for the church.
We are still waiting for the "fill" dirt that we were promised last week so we can start on more foundations. Please pray for this team to get all we need to carry on the work, that our outreach to the children will bear fruit and that we will remain well and injury free. The Lord has blessed us in so many ways already!

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