Thursday, December 31, 2009

News Year Eve

December 31, 2009
Happy New Years Eve!
In less than an hour, about 15 of us will head down town to celebrate the New Year with lots of visitors to Antigua, the historic, mountain retreat city where we have been based. It is the “New York City” of Guatemala for New Years. Fireworks are going off right outside our hotel as I type. In fact, they have been going off throughout the city all evening. Fireworks are quite popular in this city for daily birthday celebrations, as well.
SPA DAY for the toddlers and employees was celebrated today. The kids walked through a decorated door way to Bill table and chair, where he trimmed the children’s nails. The next table had various teen helpers giving manicures to both boys and girls, with girls getting their nails polished with their color choice of nail polish. Haircuts, braiding, and special hairstyles were the next station. Amy Young washed and messaged their legs and feet with warm, soapy water. Next the children were given special gifts; trucks for boys and a valentine purse with a small doll in it for the girls. “Muy Bonita!” was echoed from the team, but especially appreciated by the dads making the rounds of inspection.
We just finished our “Wow” session which we have each evening after our 7:00 dinner. The kids told how different children had touched their lives and the precious goodbyes that were shared today. Edwin, who is 11 years old and weighs around 40 pounds, scowls at the majority of people that approach him, until today. His heart was touched today and he opened up to those that interacted with him as they laughed and played with him.
It was a day full of ministry in both the baby and toddler rooms. Two houses were finished yesterday and the families expressed so much gratitude. The children have been touched by the Lord through the service or our hands and feet.
Happy New Years Eve!

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  1. When I first met Edwin I think he was 10. He must've had a birthday. But, when I met him, all I did was smile at him and he ran up to me and lifted his arms for a hug. It warmed my heart :)