Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Guatemala, November 15-20, 2014

St. Michael's Lutheran School

The older kids got to spend most of the play time outside. Children excitedly ran around the jungle gym, and balls and frisbees were flying through the air. There was the occasional cry from one of the children who got hurt, but all of them enjoyed outside. After much playing, loving, and comforting, lunch was served for the kids. With the usual difficulty, all the food was eaten. The children then washed their hands and brushed their teeth a second time and prepared for nap time. 
The kids acted playful as long as they could until the nannies told them it was time to nap. Most of the children were pretty tired, so putting them to bed wasn´t that hard. After all the kids were settled, the team had a wonderful lunch of burgers and homemade apple strudel. After lunch, we all went to our daily afternoon tasks.
        We all went to breakfast, and those that had previously been ill ate light. Devotions were  led by a team member. Praising the Lord was one the themes. Another theme was the ability to jump, dance, and sing unto the Lord. Also we were reminded of how blessed we are in the US and we need to be thankful for all that the Lord has given. 
        Soon afterward we were all on the bus. The hour long ride eventually led us to the center. We were told to make sure we give extra hugs and loving today as this is our last day. The playing tired us and the children out, so snack time was a good time to rest a bit. We all prompted the kids to eat the much needed food. All the children were ready to wash up after the small meal. After bathroom time, the energy from the food went into playing with the team members. The older kids and some of the small ones got to go outside. It rained a few drops, but the children were too active to notice. They continued to play with the bin of toys or rest with the team members. The play time seemed longer than yesterday, but lunch came around. Around this time, everyone was realizing that this was the last day we would get to see the children. The emotions made the time all the more special. 
Lunch was served to the kids, and we all pitched in to have all the children eat. Some kids in the Chicks fell asleep before they were able to eat or drink anything. After the children were finished eating, it was time to clean them up in the bath room. When they were all hands were washed and teeth were brushed, we put them down for bed. While they were beginning their naps, we cleaned up their dining areas. 
A wonderful lunch of fried chicken, french fries, and chocolate-covered fruit popsicles was served. After lunch, we team members took naps of our own. After our short break, we all had to go to our afternoon tasks. We all knew that when dinner was served to the children, we would have to say our goodbyes. 

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