Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Colombia November 15-20

Today was another great day in Colombia!  This morning our team continued the medical clinic in Villeta.  The medical team was able to provide medical advice and medicine to 64 people. There was even a bus load of people from a barrio called San Francisco  that were able to be seen by the doctors!  The local church and volunteers were very organized again today and kept things running smoothly. Many of the people also received spiritual counseling and there were more than 10 salvations in Villeta this morning!

In the afternoon we headed up a mountain range to a small town called Mave.  We were greeted by the local pastor and community members. The medical team was able to minister to more 70 people in the afternoon ... what a blessing!  There were several more decisions for Christ and many of the children received stickers and t-shirts and the adults received tinto (coffee).

It was a fantastic day and we are looking forward to another great day of medical missions in Colombia.  Stay tuned for more updates!

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