Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Dominican Republic, October 11th- October 17th, 2014

Grand Island Baptist

Day 3:
Each day here just gets better and better; there are so many blessing that God gives us! When you see houses get the walls up and know this is a big step to knowing that these people will one day have  a roof over their head, I cannot express the joy that gives me.

Each day we are teaching children about the love of God and when we walk to the apartment complex where the classes are going on, the children run to greet us, it is just so much fun seeing these children looking so forward to hearing about God.

In the afternoon the ladies from the neighboring community come to the new church that has been built here and to be greeted by so many hugs from people you hardly know is just an amazing thing.  Grand Island Baptist was one of the  first groups to teach a ladies bible study and now to be a part of some of the first classes in their new church, amazing how God works things out.  Can’t wait until tomorrow!!!

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