Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Guatemala, August 23-29, 2014

What an Awesome God we serve!  When we see what has been accomplished in His Name here in Guatemala at the malnutrition center we are overwhelmed.  We are told we are on a Mission Trip to serve in His name taking care of malnourished children, helping nannies complete duties that they take care of every day, loving on children that are less than half the size they should be and we believe that we are going to be a blessing to them......and we are, but only a fraction of the blessing that we receive.  Our hearts are filled with joy as we watch "babies" get excited on our arrival and to see growth in these children in just one day.  The little things like being able to stand on legs the size of toothpicks because they are now getting the nutrition they deserve.  The children are  brought to the malnutrition center by parents who love them and seek help in making their children well.  Can you imagine how hard it must be to admit that you cannot provide sustenance for your children and leave them for someone else to care for?  Most parents do come to see their babies once a week and when they see what is being done in the name of Christ they can't help but appreciate it.  These children go home once they have reached a standard of reasonable health and to make sure they will not have a relapse Orphan's Heart has initiated a plan of support.  Just $35 a month will take care of continued care for each child including monthly check ups.  There is no other help for these food stamps, no welfare....just your help in completing the Great Commission.  These children learn of God's love thru our willingness to be His Hands.  
Another blessing we receive this week is enlarging our family.  Loving, laughing, shopping, eating and praying together draws us closer together and allows us to learn more about each other and really becoming brother's and sister's in Christ.  From the ones on their first mission trip to the one on her 17th mission trip, we are changed and know it will not be our last.  We serve because we received the greatest gift ever offered and it is our joy and responsibility as Children of The King to share.

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