Thursday, June 26, 2014

GUATEMALA June 21-27, 2014 Chet's Creek and Summer Grove

Wow! What an incredible week this has been. From the moment I stepped off the bus Monday, this experience has been tremendously emotional and life-changing. Having just had my first child recently, I cannot imagine having to part with her, as the mothers and fathers of these children have. How brave of them to release their children to the Center’s care, in order for them to be nursed back to health.

These children are amazing. Seriously. Amazing. Our team gets so excited to see them each morning, and we miss them tremendously when we leave. They are always on our hearts and in our conversations. The love that they pour out to us with their sweet laughs, big hugs, and beautiful smiles is enough to make my heart burst. We rejoice as progress is made in their physical development. 

The process can be difficult for the children, however, as they enter the facility. I have been loving on one beautiful, little girl who has been at the Center for one week. I pray each day that she will smile before I leave. I pray over her that she will feel a love like she’s never felt- from her Savior.

A bonus for me today- I had the privilege of encouraging the sweet nannies through Scripture on their lunch break. They shared how fulfilling this job is for them. One mentioned that seeing a child smile is her greatest reward. Sadly, I also learned that many of them have recently had tremendous hardships in their families. Almost unanimously, they all have had family members with serious health problems. As I listened to the nannies share these struggles, I was overwhelmed by how much each gives of herself both at home and at work. They have such deep love for the children, and also their own families, I imagine that weariness can creep into their spirits. Although the smiles on their faces say otherwise, we always need to be reminded that in our weakness, the Lord makes us strong. Jesus says in 2 Corinthians, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in your weakness.”

Tomorrow is our last day, which is difficult to believe. I cannot imagine the emotions that will be swirling around in each of our spirits. I find myself praying fervently that, although I may never see some of these children again, they will become believers in Christ. I pray that just as the Center is investing in their physical nourishment, they are introduced to the One who nourishes their soul.

Katie Nelson Garcia
Summer Grove Baptist Church
Shreveport, Louisiana

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