Thursday, February 13, 2014

Guatemala, Scholar's Guild

Thursday, Feb 13, 2014

Today was our last day at the center.  We are not looking forward to going back to the US.  Guatemala has found a place in our hearts and we'll always remember the children at the center.  At WOW! time the team shared some of the ways the Lord has changed us this week: thankful for our health, understand how it feels when immigrants come to the US and NOT able to speak a language, share Christ's love everyday, and be a missionary back "at home."  God is good and we are so thankful for this opportunity we've had to share His love with the children and the nannies.  We can't wait to tell everyone back at Scholar's Guild about Orphan's Heart and hopefully we'll have more that will come to Guatemala next year!

Here are some of the beautiful faces that we've seen all week.

Olivia Natali Juarez's photo.
Olivia Natali Juarez's photo.Olivia Natali Juarez's photo.Olivia Natali Juarez's photo.

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