Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Guatemala, Feb 15-21, 2014

Tuesday, Blog 2

Today was our second full day...our Ducks and Squirrels began learning all about God's creation. There rooms are full of the sun, moon, and stars! Tomorrow they will continue to learn about how God created each and everyone of them! The older girls are like little mommies always lending a helping hand to those younger. Of course the older boys are a bit more mischievous and resourceful with there time as they seek "opportunities" to get out of school!

The Chicks have their schedules down packed as they have learned the art of multi-tasking in the bano. A site you have to see to believe it. Ha! The cute Bunnies had some new friends join them this week. The new ones hopped right into learning all new things as they learn to sit at a table, feed themselves, and enjoy the new independence of graduating out of the Canary room.  The sweet Canaries are thriving. These little ones are alert and so full of personality. The Dolphins have seen some changes as their littlest guy had to be sent to the hospital yesterday! We are praying for his conditions to improve and hopefully he will get to return soon. These precious children require an extra dose of TLC but there are no words to describe what a blessing they each are to anyone who comes in contact with them!! This is the place to stop when you need to be lifted up, as little Mario, has the most infectious laugh and you can't not be filled with joy when you encounter him!

So much happens in a day here at the Malnutrition Center. Our team is trying to capture and hold onto each and every moment but this is an impossible task. Each night we get to come together for a time of reflection on huge day and for anyone who has been on a trip you will be familiar with the term WOW moments! Today's was filled with several moments that upon reflection caused us to laugh till we cried. A joyful heart is good medicine...and we definitely got our fill today!

We also had the privilege of celebrating Howie's (OH Team Leader) birthday! This was a Center wide event. From our youngest to the oldest, everyone had a part in the festivities. Handmade cards, a piƱata, and of course lots of yummy cake for all to enjoy. In true Guatemalan style, each child received a "gift" (a ball) for being a guest for his birthday. No celebration here is complete without making some noise via fireworks.

In closing, some on the team have been here before and they are finding great encouragement as they observe the leaps and bounds their kiddos have made! This is a bittersweet time as some who have tugged on their hearts have gone home to be with their families. This is always the ultimate goal and we praise God when they can join their families but each child takes a piece of each team members heart home with them!  The ending conversation at one table this night was simply that God would never expect us to divide our love but He does require us to multiply it! He is doing just that through the team this week!  

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