Monday, December 30, 2013

Dominican Republic

The team is off to such a great start!!!  (Now that the whole team is here!)
Our group from Tallahassee got delayed a day due to a flight cancellation but everyone is here now!!!  While our Tallahassee group was delayed in Atlanta, our group that flew in from Tampa was able to check out the Colonial district in Santo Domingo.  The real treat was being able to worship at Iglesia Fundamento Biblico Sunday morning and hear Pastor Castillo preach on the cost of discipleship. 
Monday morning we hit the ground running!  We had crews priming and painting homes on the inside and out.  Crews finishing up all the sewer hookups.  And crews prepping for stucco. 
The biggest blessing of the day was interacting with all the amazing children that live in El Carrizal.  Team members made bracelets with the kids, played with jump ropes and shared Bible stories.  One of the most amazing stories came from two girls from the community.  As the team members were sharing Bible stories from a children’s Bible, the girls were telling the team that they knew the stories and had read from the Bibles past Orphan’s Heart team members brought as gifts.  God is so amazing!!!
We are sure that as the week progresses God will continue to do an amazing work and build on the relationships that we have formed this year. 
Sunrise from the roof of our apartment.

Breakfast Sunday morning!  (We missed you Howie!!!)

After a long day of painting!

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