Thursday, November 7, 2013

Update on Brenda at the MNC

Brenda came into the Center in August.  She was one of the most malnourished children we have ever had, just skin and bones.  She spent a little less than a month here at the Center before she had to be taken to the hospital. She was having recurrent high fevers.

She went to the hospital in September; they did all kinds of tests and didn't really find anything.  So many people have prayed for her, and we had very little information on her condition.  All we knew was that she was still in the hospital.  It turned out that she had tuberculosis.  She has been in treatment and has been able to gain weight. 

She is out of the hospital now, and will continue her treatments at home. The hospital has been helping the family with medicine.  Her grandma got to take two baskets of food from the Center yesterday, and we'll hope to see Brenda next month for her check up.
Even when we doubted and worried, He was taking care of sweet Brenda. What a vivid testimony of God's faithfulness, His great love and perfect timing!  

Thank you for your prayers for Brenda and for all the children that God has put in our care at the Malnutrition Center!  

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