Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A Pair of Shoes Can Change a Life!

Today was a special day because it was Sunday and our day to go to church. 
Instead of driving to church, we walked down the road. It is such a great walk, because the kids will one by one join us as we are walking. They love to reach up and hold our hands (and even my Bible in my case). The Ugandan women will get all dressed up in their beautiful traditional outfits. We could already hear the choir singing as we approached. They like to begin their day with Bible study before everyone gathers for the main service later. 
Our theme for the week has been on Thanksgiving. For Bible study, we taught how God’s love endures forever, and we shared the story of Jehoshaphat and how he gives thanks to the Father despite facing opposition from enemy forces.  At the main service, a guest Pastor spoke from Exodus 19.
It’s always a blessing to hear the children’s choir sing. They just have such beautiful unique voices. Our team was introduced at church as visitors from the U.S. and a couple of us shared our testimonies. At the end of service, many from the congregation came to greet and thank us for coming so far to visit them. It was an amazing service and a great way to start out our day.
Next up was shoe distribution.
When we got back to the compound after lunch, there was quite a crowd of children already waiting for us. We counted between 250 and 300 kids that were there needing a pair of shoes to wear. We were a little overwhelmed at first, but trusted that the Lord would provide for all of them. We had brought several donated shoes in our ministry bags on our flight over. It was awesome to see all the smiles on these kid’s faces as most of them probably never had a good pair of shoes to wear. Almost all of the kids got a pair of shoes, and the ones who didn't received new outfits. We totally saw God’s provision and it was a blessing to be a part of.
We finished our evening with a Bible study at the church. The study was more laid back and gave us opportunities to interact with the people in our groups. Afterwards, Michael and Joy brought us a wonderful dinner (with some yummy chapatti bread). Michael works in the clinic and is a quite the character. It was blessing listening to their story and great way to end the day.

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