Wednesday, October 30, 2013

St. Michael's Lutheran School - Part 2

Waking up is a wonder, because we do it almost completely by ourselves. That fact can’t apply to school days though. Anyways, that wonder was committed today. Everyone is getting ready by packing their daypacks, slipping on clothes, and thinking about what is going to happen.
Yesterday, 3 children came to the Malnutrition Center. Two of them will be leaving soon. I bet that we all hope for a blessed time in the Center for the one that will stay.
Prayers are said before breakfast. We all eat a delicious and healthy (partially) breakfast. We go to our meeting spot for devotions after eating. Madison leads the devotion. She talks about works and faith. Two things that caught my ear was the phrase "actions speak louder than words," and "works without faith (and love) are empty."
After the spirit-feeding devotion, we hang out in our rooms for a while. We get ready to embark on our trip to the Malnutrition Center. We eventually load up on the bus. We play music on the bus. We must’ve sung 99 Bottles of Milk on the Wall for 4 hours! We wave to people. The land we saw yesterday passes by. We recognize the spectacular land like an old friend.
Time goes by until we reach the Center. More children peek out the window than yesterday. We instantly file to our stations. We say hi to all the babies and small children. The behavior of the children is little changed. They smile, cry, laugh, and hug on you. Something like this tugs on your heartstrings. Snack-time comes around. All the crying babies stop bawling and drink their juice. It’s funny how little things like that can make someone stop crying.
On my break, I go to the break room and eat freezer-dried fruits. I go down and visit the Chicks. Jessica and her dad are currently there. Jesse is taking his break. I play with the children. They hug me. Kids roll around on Jessica’s lap. I eventually have to go back to my post. Mrs. Mahan, Lilly and I play with the Bunnies. Some of the criers are put on the floor. It makes you feel bad to watch them helplessly roll, but they won’t stop. We continue to play with them.
Lunchtime creeps up on us. I help feed Manuel. The Nanny lingers to watch the children. After lunch, we all brush their teeth, change their diapers, and put them in their cribs. Peyton and Olivia come to help us. After setting down every child (fussy or calm), we go to lunch. Jesse and I talk with two Spanish-speaking women. Everyone goes about doing after-lunch team projects.