Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Day Four in Ouanaminthe

Day Four in Ouanaminthe
We had a very busy day today beginning at 6 in the morning with the playground border. The boards were sealed yesterday and dried overnight, so before it got too hot our master carpenter and his intrepid crew cut the boards to fit a rough eleven-sided polygon about forty feet across, then nailed and screwed them into place, and the sand smoothed back out. It is beautiful to behold. The clothesline got its first three lines, and was much appreciated by the laundry ladies. We also put up two wooden barriers on the windows of the cafeteria to keep the little darlings from reaching in from outside to get water bottles that are stacked there. Some organization donated thousands of bottles of water, and it is rationed out for use only in the cafeteria to keep the little ones from leaving them all over the grounds. We finished by noon, and a good thing, because it was another hot one. After lunch we had various duties with the kids, and then a whole group of us went into Ouanaminthe to experience a real Haitian market. And it was a real experience. The poverty of these people is hard to believe, and the conditions they live in. They say Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, but it looks like it is the poorest country in the WORLD, and that was before the earthquake. But as always, their loving nature and especially the children and the love they always are anxious to share seems to rise above everything. Please pray for these people, and the Christian revival they are experiencing now.
Tomorrow is our last day, we head out in the afternoon to Santiago and then home on Friday. Please pray for us as we travel, and for these amazing people here who are giving so much of themselves to help the least of the least.

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  1. Wonderful posts and pictures. Please give Tim a hug from his mom and dad and tell him Happy Birthday!