Friday, March 12, 2010

Day 4 at the center

Day 4
Yesterday, Edwin, Billy, Mariella, and Wendy were taken into Guatemala City to see an ophthalmologist. Edwin will be getting glasses and they will correct his sight completely! We learned that Wendy’s sight can be helped with glasses, but not corrected completely. Details on the younger two are still to come.
Jerson’s face continues to show progress and healing with the medicine treatments that begun Monday when we arrived!
Propane gas was installed to replace the smaller propane cans that supply the kitchen and laundry room. This will be much more efficient and save energy and resources!
A majority of the children at the Center received much needed MMR, Polio, and DTP vaccinations! This is a great preventative step in the children’s future health. We hope to make this a permanent part of the Center’s future healthcare treatment with the children.
Today was family visitation day, and we were able to extend our dental care and services to the family members and siblings that visited the Center today.
The pump house that has been underway over the past 4 days is predicted to be finished by next Friday. Local workers have dug alongside our men this week and will continue the project once we’re gone until the “fortress” is complete and ready to guard the Center’s water pump!

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