Sunday, February 21, 2010

We are now in Haiti

We arrived today in Ouanaminthe, Haiti, by way of Santiago, Dominican Republic. Our flight yesterday was uneventful; our stay at the Hodelpa Hotel in Santiago was pleasant and we enjoyed a good dinner and a good night's sleep. We were anxious and excited to finally arrive at our place of service and to greet the precious children of Haiti. We loaded the buses this morning for a three hour drive to the border. As we unloaded the buses and walked across the river with all our luggage being wheeled across by nationals in wheelbarrows, leaving the Dominican Republic, there was a baptism being celebrated down below us in the water, with singing and shouting and praises. An incredible sight! Such a blessing! But, nothing, absolutely nothing, could have prepared us for what we saw as we crossed the border and walked through the gate into Haiti. With the men of our group surrounding the women for safety and security, we walked into a scene that words cannot describe. Devastation...desperation come to mind. It was a quiet walk as the shock of what we were seeing began to set in. Many tears were flowing for the plight of the people and the indignity of the life they are living (and this is not even close to the area where the earthquake hit!). A bright moment came as we entered the grounds of the orphanage where we will be working this week, which is just a short walk from the border. We were thrilled to see the facilities that have been provided for the children and as we began to meet the children and hear some of their stories of what love has accomplished in their lives.

As we prepare for a full week, working with the children that have been rescued from the earthquake, we ask for your prayers for courage and safety. Our lives have been changed in ways we cannot even speak from what we have seen.

We will share more tomorrow. Blessings from Ouanaminthe!

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