Thursday, February 25, 2010

Haiti Day 4 Wednesday February 24

Wow, it has been a busy and very productive day at the Hope for Haiti Children’s Center. After breakfast and our standard morning meeting with Davita, the missionaries from the mission house and our team Ron and Gray took off for Caphaitian to buy the generator. According to Gray, they really had a privileged opportunity to see the true culture, of the country of Haiti along the way. The trip took a little longer than expected due to road conditions and just pure congestion along the way and in the city. But faithfully, God provided in a mighty way! They guys originally set out with enough funds to purchase a ten kilowatt generator, but by the grace of God, they received an unexpected discount in price from the store owner and were able to purchase and eleven kilowatt generator for the “boys house” along with a huge tank for fuel storage and a hand crank to distribute the fuel. For those of you who are wandering the difference: an eleven kilowatt generator, per Preston, has the ability to run everything for a two thousand square foot house in the states. This is an absolutely amazing blessing for the twenty-five boys and staff that live in that home. This generator will allow them to have some of the basics that we take for granted: fans, clean laundry, lights to study and fellowship, and of course the biggie, water. We praise God for granting the funds necessary for this purchase, safe travel to and from Caphaitian, the generator being in stock and available, and the discount that provided so much more than expected.
Now, back at the main compound everyone was buzzing around dedicated to their assigned duty. Many of the ladies were on morning duty with our precious special needs children from Port au Prince. There is Jon who has cerebral palsy, Denise who has hydrocephlias, and Fenten who is severely developmentally delayed. If you could have only seen these ladies loving on “the least of these,” you would have seen the likes of Jesus. They diligently held, rocked, strolled, fed, and prayed over these children. For the ladies and gentlemen outside on playground patrol, there was London Bridge, Hokey Pokey, Bubbles and I even saw a chalk hopscotch station on the sidewalk. Hallelujah we were having FUN!
Off to shelving units. The guys were working their tails off today. Danita told us that she originally purchased 70 shelving units (you know those four tier shelves you put in your garage). Well, Willie is certain that he and the guys assembled at least 40 units. These units were necessary to put all the donated items that have been coming in on. They labored long and hard today trying to accomplish this task and praise God, they finished, and nothing fell apart, just kidding guys! The rest of the team was busy organizing a massive storage area with about twenty or more shelving units in the back of the church, which held clothes, toiletries, shoes, blankets, mosquito nets, and everything else you can imagine. The ladies wrapped it up, and finished the organizing. This was a two and a half day project that I am sure they were glad to see come to an end.
Oh, and how can I forget dinner. Libia and Cindy were in charge of dinner duty tonight. They were told to plan to cook for about forty people including: all the missionaries, our team, and the staff. It was absolutely hilarious. Libia started out with about twenty cups of rice, uncooked rice that is, a couple chickens, one red pepper, and some yellow seasoning (I think). She had this enormous pot and a spoon you could have killed someone with as her cooking utensils. She had the fired cranked up on this gas cooking apparatus and off she went. Everything went into the pot and the stirring started. At some point she put the lid on the pot and had a seat while Cindy was off on a baking adventure: no measuring cups, and a hunt and find for the ingredients. All in all the cake came out delicious and the rice and chicken was to die for. When the last members of the team left the compound they were able to bless the people of the village with the left-overs, thank you God that Libia cooked twenty cups of rice!

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