Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Day 3 in Ouanaminthe

Greetings from hot, humid Haiti! There's nothing but hard work (little sleep, no hot water, and lots of mosquitoes!) going on! In our volunteer meeting this morning following devotions, we received a big thank you from one of the other volunteers working here. She told us what an encouragement and inspiration our team, our willingness to jump in and serve and give so selflessly, had been to those laboring here. It was an affirmation for all of us, and we're all so humbled and grateful for the opportunity to be here and to give of what the Lord has given us!

A little about where we're serving...
The children are divided into three homes--big boys, little boys, and girls. In addition to the three homes with approximately 75 children, the chapel has been turned into a dorm for all the children that have been rescued from Port au Prince and the earthquake. These are the children that our team is primarily focusing on. There are 53 of these children, including four moms who are with their babies. One precious infant was born three days after the earthquake; when they found the mother, she was trying to give him away. They persuaded her to stay with her baby, and come to a safe place, be fed, sleep, rest and be cared for, and then she could make a better decision about her future. She's still here, and she's a precious young mom with an angel of a baby. There's story after amazing story of where these kids have come from and what they have experienced in their little short lives. But we're able to see what miracles love can accomplish!

In addition to the children at the orphanage, there is a school on the grounds that serves many children from the surrounding village and area. What a wonderful sight it is to see the hundreds of children all lined up, in their red and white uniforms, dressed and ready for a new day of learning and opportunities! With an education and a heart for Jesus, there's no telling what can be accomplished in and through these children in the future!

We serve a mighty God! He's making Himself known to each of us in many ways, large and small...in the smiles and hugs of the children, in watching the older children helping to care for the younger children, in the sacrificial giving of the staff at the center, and so much more. This truly is "pure religion...caring for the orphans in their time of distress."

Blessings from Day 3 in Ouanaminthe!

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