Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tuesday October 26, 2009

Today, Tuesday, was another great day. Our walkers again walked at 5:30 am and those of us that need more sleep, congratulated them on their return. We then had another great breakfast and then headed to the center. On arrival the ladies disembarked to spend time with the children and the men headed to Guatemala City to purchase supplies for the center. It was about an hour ride to the city and we went straight to a huge business that is similar to Cost Co. or Sams Club. As soon as we entered Ron had to fill out paper work for an admittance card. While he was doing that we had another God thing happen. Eric, Tom and I were wandering around like lost souls when a very nice lady approached us and asked if we needed any help. We told her no and explained that we were waiting for our leader. We then told her about the center and what is was and that they would be purchasing a lot of supplies in their store. Well, it turns out she is a high up in the company and was only there today for a meeting with the store managers etc. She then told us many ways the management of the store could help the center with pricing, help in purchasing etc. One thing is, the center can now call in their order and they will have it ready to load when the van arrives. She introduced Ron to the store manager and we had great help in finding things and getting them all loaded into the van. You can see how much we purchased by the pictures. All of the supplies were purchased with all of your help. Thank you. Now just look at how God can use three guys, who don’t have a clue and turn it into a great thing for his work here on earth. Gives you a happy feeling doesn’t it?

We then returned to the center and had lunch. Then we unloaded the van and stored all of the supplies. You can see by the pictures how the children helped us. They would take an armload into the storage area and then run back to get more. They made the rest of us guys look like tired old men. We really aren’t you know. Then it was music time again. Today was very special as the kids sang Jesus Loves Me in their own language. We had a big thrill when one of the boys, Simeon, told Eric, in English, “Jesus loves me!” He then would tell anyone he met “Jesus loves me.” Now that will give you a warm feeling in your heart. We sang all the choruses and Eric did one of his magic tricks. Then we handed out a whole suitcase of stuffed toys we had brought from home. One of the families of our church, Bill and Carol Folz made this possible with donations of the toys from Walgreens. The kids loved them. Thank you Bill and Carol.

Then it was time for us to play with the individual children and of course I went and picked up Blanca. She saw me coming and had her arms out the whole time I walked to her bed. I had a stuffed little rabbit for her and she took it and hugged it to her chest. I then picked her and the rabbit up. She gave me a kiss and I put her in a stroller and away we went. We walked, played in the swings and just had fun. Eric took Brenda a toy and they two headed out for a walk, swing and just a nice time together. The time goes by so fast when you are playing with the children and soon it was time to go. As soon as I started toward Blanca’s bed she started shaking her head no and even said no, no, no. Then came the tears. You can’t believe how difficult it is to walk away from a little one, who has no parents near, and is crying her eyes out. It is heart wrenching. The bigger kids came out and waved good bye and then we headed back to Antigua. Some of the group debarked in town and shopped and then walked back to the hotel. Eric and I opted out as we just didn’t feel like walking. I promise I will take a walk with the group before we leave. But not tonight or at 5:30 AM.

So we came to the end of another great day and can’t wait until tomorrow to have another day with the children. I doesn’t get much better then this. Thank you God.
See you tomorrow.


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