Thursday, October 29, 2009

Guatemala Trip Blog for October 28, 2009

Today, Wednesday, started off with rain so no one walked. So, we had breakfast and devotions and then headed for the center. The rain had stopped so we had a nice drive. On our way to the center we stopped at the market square and took a few pictures in the market. As you can see it is crowded and with all the flowers and vegetables, very pretty. When we arrived everyone except Ron and Mario, one of our interpreters, went and picked up our new friends. Ron and Mario went into Guatemala City to get a load of diapers. They brought 7,760 diapers back and Ron said they should last until Christmas. As you can see we have included some pictures of the children helping to unload the van. I just think that is the neatest thing, that they help, without being asked and do it with all of their heart. I know of one person who when he was a kid would not have helped without being asked and maybe then would have complained. But, these kids just love to help.

After unloading the van we went to lunch in San Juan. We went to a place that is Guatemala’s answer to the Kentucky Colonel. The chicken was great and we all ate to much.

After lunch we got the children together for some more singing choruses. It is amazing how great they are sounding after just a few days of singing with us. Their rendition of Jesus Loves Me is heartwarming. We sang for about an hour. Then we all paired up with our kids and spent the rest of the afternoon walking, swinging etc. until it was time to leave. Then we had to go through the hard time of leaving while the kids cried their eyes out. They don’t even want to hear that we will be back tomorrow.

We stopped at a hardware store and purchased a 2 wheel dolly for the center on our way home. It is badly needed for the ladies at the center to move heavy objects around. Guess what we named it. “ Hello”. Think about it and you will get it.

Then we had another great dinner at the hotel. After dinner a couple of us gave our testimony, as we have been doing each evening all week. This has really helped us get to know each other.

Another little story about how God works. We noticed at dinner that there was another long table set up for breakfast. Ron told us that the hotel manager told him that business has been bad but that since they have signed us up for our stay, this is the first time a mission group has stayed here, that their business has picked up and other groups are staying at the hotel. So, God is still in control. Tomorrow we will be back at the center, playing, rocking and swinging with our kids. I can’t wait.


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