Friday, October 30, 2009

Blog for October 29, 2009

Today, Thursday, started off with our walkers taking their morning stroll at 5:30am. Eric and I of course didn’t go. I was up but working on a video of our trip and Eric was still asleep. So we missed it a gain, darn.

At 7:00am we had devotions and breakfast and then headed for the center. Today we were getting flowers for the staff at the center. When we arrived at the center the guys, Tom, Eric, Mario, one of our interpreters were to get the flowers. We were told by someone, name will not be mentioned, that right out the back gate of the property there were flowers for sale. So we headed out. We walked through the jungle for what seemed like an half hour. Take a look at the pictures and you will see what I mean. We walked and walked and finally had to cross a stream on a log. We arrived at the greenhouse and were told they had just taken all their flowers to the square as it is a big holiday in Guatemala and the square would be loaded with flowers. So we walked back to the center, boarded the van and headed for the square.

While driving to the square Eric and I decided to buy a guitar for the two boys you have seen strumming on Eric’s guitar at the afternoon sing. So, we found the flowers we wanted and while the lady was getting them ready, about a ½ hour job, we started looking for guitars. We walked about 5 blocks each way from the square looking for guitars and each time we asked directions we were told they were back from where we had just come. Finally we gave up and headed back to the flower lady and she said she would be another 10 minutes so, we headed out again in a different direction and we found a music store with some reasonably priced guitars. Eric and Mario, who also play guitar very well, picked out 2 and we were on our way.

When we arrived at the center, a new commercial washer and dryer, donated by the Chapel Hill Baptist Church in Tallahassee, arrived the guys and gals helped get them into the laundry. What a difference these will make for the staff doing the laundry each day. Take a look at them in the pictures.

For lunch we bar-b-qued hamburgers and enjoyed our last lunch at the center. The whoe group enjoyed lunch.

After lunch we got ready for chorus time and got all of the children together for this fun time. We started the choruses with Eric and Mario playing the 2 new guitars. Then after we sang Jesus Loves Me, they called the boys up and had them strum on the guitars while they fingered the chords. At the end of the chorus they told the boys the guitars were for them. Take a look at the pictures and see how excited the boys, Fredrico and Simeon, were to get the guitars. Neat, neat, neat.

After the music session we joined up with our favorite children as this was our last day at the center. I gathered Blanca, she is the girl in the pictures with her arms out waiting for me to pick her up, and the rest of my new girlfriends and went for my last walk with them. Eric picked up Brenda and he spent the rest of the afternoon with her and some of the other babies. Tom played with his guy, Benjamin and the ladies, Mollie, Maria and Christina rocked babies. Julia had brought some bubble blowing toys and toy airplanes and she had a group out by the swings having a ball. At 4:00pm, Ron told us it was time to go. Oh my, what a terribly hard thing it was to leave them for the last time. I kissed Blanca good bye, told her I lover her and this time she wasn’t the only one shedding tears as we parted. I will cherish the time we have had together forever and I plan on seeing her again. If not on this earth then in eternity. This week has been so wonderful for all of us on the team. We talk everyday about how much of a difference the center is making in the lives of these kids who were starving to death. If you want to have an experience you will never forget, sign up for one of these missions and prepare to have the time of your life. If you can’t go then think about giving. Every cent given to this mission goes to help kids who would not live without the center. You will be rewarded for what you do. If not here, then when you get to eternity.

Bye Arky

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