Tuesday, August 4, 2009

August 4, 2009 Guatemala Trip

Tears flowed in our medical and dental clinic today. And it wasn’t just the patients crying. A seven year old little girl needed ten teeth extracted. A ten-month old baby weighed only eight pounds. As we hurried to treat a waiting room full of patients, there were times when our heart simply broke. So many needs and so little time to treat them.

The rest of the team spent the day mowing grass that hadn’t seen a lawn mower in quite some time. Then they tackled painting a room for the babies. One of our younger team members had a day of many firsts – his first time to mow grass, use a power drill, and paint. His older team members patiently encouraged and taught him through the day.

Speaking of our team members, we are a mixed up group. Our ages range from ten to seventy-seven. We come from six different cities. We didn’t all know each other before the trip. A doctor and dentist in Fort Myers decided to go on the trip but had no idea who would be on the team to help them.
A couple in Gainesville heard about the FBCH international missions and felt called to go on a trip. Guess what? She was a nurse. On our way to the clinic we learn that one of interpreters was a general practioner. Now we had someone to help see the parents that would be bringing their kids to the pediatrician. Only God could have put together our team. We have all been reminded of what God can do when we are willing to “sign-up”. Instead of “signing-up” for a cruise, two different couples on our team traded a cruise to celebrate their anniversaries for this trip. What an inspiration!

As I end the day eager for my head to hit the pillow, I can’t erase the image of all those babies in their cribs. Who will rock them to sleep? Who will answer their call if they cry during the night? Tears would overwhelm me if I didn’t have the hope and promise of God. His promises will cover them. There is hope in the power of His unfailing love. I rest tonight imagining that He holds them in His hands.

Amy Wiggins

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