Wednesday, July 15, 2009

July 15th Blog from Guatemala

Wow! What a productive day!! Hard work and lots of play equals a day filled with blessings. The men really accomplished many things in the work they had planned. Lawn mowers and weed-eaters were buzzing. Electrical work continued that included putting in a new service panel and re-wiring a portion of the building. Dr. Bala continued evaluating the children and inventoried the pharmacy. An order was made to restock the freezer with 150 lbs of meat.
The bed babies’ room received quite a makeover from the women. All 18 beds were sanitized and changed with fresh, new sheets. And each baby received lots of love. Several women really worked extra hard in the bathrooms and play room. When they finished with mops and brushes it sparkled. Windows were scraped and cleaned and the center just came to life with sunshine. The toddler’s day was filled with Bible stories, music and crayons.
The children have really stolen all of our hearts and once again the police officers joined us in caring for the children. At this point in the week the disturbance in San Juan is over. However, the police continue to travel with us. We are very thankful for the way they interacted with the kids and it seems like God had planned for them to join us for reasons they did not know. There are now 6 different police officers aware of the center and its mission. One of the officers today told us “Thank you for working with the children. I think they will get better now.” Their faces lit up as much as the children!
Ron Gunter, our fearless leader, has been great encouragement to us this week. He has a wonderful heart and loves the children. His energy is out of this world!
We ended the day having dinner together at the Mono Loco aka “Crazy Monkey” and sharing the great moments of the day.

Written by Kimberly and Monica

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