Tuesday, July 14, 2009

July 14th Post from Guatemala

July 14, 2009
This morning began beautifully in our open-air hotel. As soon as our eyes opened we could hear birds chirping and coffee brewing. We sat down together and ate a breakfast of eggs, black beans, and plantains. Then we enjoyed a remarkable devotion by Tom. We looked at Matthew 9:36 and contemplated the compassion of Jesus. Tom described the difference between feeling sorry for someone and having compassion. The difference is when you feel compassion you are moved to do something, just like Jesus Christ. We are here this week to be the hands and feet of Jesus and our prayer is that we will continue to be moved by compassion to do something, being faithful to the task God placed before us.

We traveled the winding roads again with our police escort and admired the fertile farmlands and bright green foliage. The Guatemalan culture passed by the van windows quickly but the faces remain etched in our minds. The drive took us straight to the Malnutrition Center where we were greeted with the children we all fell in love with yesterday. For the women of the team our day consisted of gazing into the eyes of some of the biggest brown eyes we have ever seen. And huge grins when you called them by their names! We changed diapers, gave bottles and played. Most of the 18 bed babies are accustomed to being within the 4 walls of their nursery. So, we took a stroll with several through the bright sunlit halls of the Center. Some of the highlights of that walk were a little boy named Hosea and a little girl named Sandra. They finally had a chance to walk and their little faces lit up like 4th of July fireworks! Two little boys named Hosea learned to roll a ball today!! Griselda is suspected to have cerebral palsy and loved play time, especially the slide (with assistance).

The toddlers also had an exciting day. They learned how to pump their legs and swing themselves on the playground. They also enjoyed a story about the love of Jesus. They made bracelets, which was a hit, and learned some games. They played London Bridge, duck-duck-goose and cat-cat-dog. They also enjoyed some great children’s praise music.
The men of the team continued their electrical work from yesterday, started a new ceiling in the kitchen. The painting in the kitchen is also coming along and it is a beautiful bright green that really brings life to the room.

The day at the center ended and we took our drive back to Antigua. During the ride we sang beautiful hymns. After we arrived at the hotel we took a short trip to the market and then feasted on a traditional Guatemalan cuisine.

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