Monday, June 15, 2009

Day Two in Guatemala

It is Monday night and we are back at the hotel after spending the entire day at the malnutrition center outside the city of San Juan. We met with breakfast and a devotion by David Wilkins then we drove the 45 minutes in vans to the center. The center is located in a beautiful area of the country up in the mountains. We drove by beautiful farms and small towns where we watched the locals working in the fields and preparing for their day. We had two primary goals of this trip in completing the painting of the facility and spending time with the kids. The guys led the painting activites with David and Macie Wilkins, Ron Gunter and Taylor Langston driving the rollers and the trim team closely behind with Bob Garner, Brent Geohagen, Juan Luis, Danny Langston and an occasional appearance from Daniel Langston. The girls started their morning spending time with the infants. The infant group ranged from six months to 4 years old with many of them weighing below 15 pounds. The kids were as much starving from love and attention as they were for food. The girls assisted the staff in feeding, changing diapers and general quality caring time with the infants. The most difficult challenge for our group was how quickly the children became attached with our group. The funniest moment was the attachment of Jose Federico's attachment to Bob Garner. This child would only allow Bob to hold him and would accept no one else. Bob reluctantly took the role of the daddy for the day and showed he still has it! In the afternoon, the group played with the bigger kids playing ball, singing songs and dancing and playing games. The primary leaders for the kids were Brenda Garner, Tammy Langston Colton Geohagen, Lee Langston and Tanya, Morgan and Meagan Wilkins. The most touching moment of the day was Morgan's caregiving to a small infant who has Cerebal Palsey. The little girl has such needs and Morgan of course spent the time to make her day special. We had a great day! We are tired and ready to go to sleep and cannot wait till tomorrow.

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